Increase your Cyber Resilience with the right experts.

We help companies to establish and maintain their cyber resilience.

By combining research and analysis, our team helps protect companies against cyber security threats.

About us

Red-CS is a team of cyber security specialists with more than 15 years of experience. With our support, numerous companies have been able to successfully increase their cyber resilience.

We specialize in technical security checks and bring experience from different industries (finance, energy suppliers, manufacturing companies and much more). Our aim is to deliver to our customers the highest possible quality, and to guarantee a very high level of customer satisfaction. For us, it is natural to support our customers after the completion of a project.

Through many years of experience, in the areas of analysis and research in cyber security, Red-CS offers investigations that go beyond the standardized methods.

The constant transfer of knowledge and participation in training ensures that our analysts are always up to date on IT security.

RED Cyber Security GmbH